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No wheelchair porn for anyone today

Inspiring! Makes me want some vitamin D of my own.


IMG_20140315_212219 I’ve done several new things today: worn one of those stupid bras that promise to make your breast’s look miraculously as fullsome as Jayne Mansfield ‘s, eaten my first south Indian curry in years and start this blog. Some were more successful than others. The bra looks like I’ve stuffed both Mitchell brothers down my vest (yes, I said vest),  the curry hasn’t caused me to fall violently ill, clutching at my insides and so far, this blog thing hasn’t bitten me on the ass yet.

So far, so good!

Today is the first time I’ve been out of the house on my own two feet for a week. Yesterday I was out in my wheelchair for an industrial strength decaff cappuccino with soya milk. I know, I party HARD,  right?  Lindsay Logan ain’t got shit on me.

I had 30 shots of botox into my spine, shoulders, neck and…

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I lost my blog!



Oh my gosh and fiddledeedee!  I was writing such a long blog on how I created this painting and what it meant to me when I somehow hit the wrong key and all was lot.  Why didn’t I save draft?  In future I will write my longer blogs in wordpad and copy and paste.  I will explain this again I think.  It’s not my favourite painting but it explains a lot about me and my work.  I can’t face explaining it again now, I’ve only just lost it all but if you would be interested let me know.  I feel like I’m using my time writing instead of painting and left wondering if it’s actually being read.  If you have a look at my website or and would like to know how I created any piece of work I will be happy to explain, as long as I can remember.  I never take or make notes.  I get lost in the moment and end up with glue, paint and sticks, or whatever surrounding me in a whole mess.  Anyway, before I lose this again I shall sign off.  Please let me know if you are interested in any of my work specifically.  I believe sharing ideas with other artists is a great idea, I’m not at all secretive about any of my practices.  I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this too.  Do you like to share your ideas or keep them to yourself?

WIN a piece of my artwork currently selling for £520



I’ve added a competition on the home page of my website .  I will be creating a newsletter each month and anyone who has entered their email to receive the newsletter will be entered in the prize draw.  The first piece of work is ‘Mix5’ currently priced at £520.   Check out the home page on how to enter.  The monthly newsletter will just be about any exhibitions and contain new work for you to see.  It will make a change to the usual spam if nothing else 😀  Good luck if you enter the competition. 

I currently have an exhibition at the Mayflower Centre in Dovercourt, Essex until the end of April.  At the beginning of May I am in an exhibition at All Saints Hall in Colchester, Essex.  I will add details of forthcoming exhibitions later.  I will also be entering work for the Harwich Festival of the Arts and am considering an exhibition in the Brick Lane Gallery in London.

I also want to add some tutorials on here and/or on YouTube perhaps.  As a fully qualified art teacher I feel I should at least be doing something to share what I have learnt over the years.  If you have any requests about what you would like a tutorial on, let me know.  I’ve just learnt how to glitch and databend images. Fascinating! Let me know if you would like me to explain how to do it and put some examples up.  I have quite a traditional training but also studied on a BSc for Computer Aided Visualisation, so know my way around Photoshop pretty well if you would like something on digital art.  Just ask, give me some ideas but if I don’t receive any response here I will probably put some kind of tutorial up anyway. I’m doing my best to become part of the online art community 😀  Sorry if I don’t get to read your posts but my inbox is inundated.  All so interesting but also time consuming.  Anyway, if you managed to find time to read this, thank you 🙂




I’ve had the strangest experience today.  It’s quite amusing now but at the time it was traumatic. I’d decided to go and take photos of my current exhibition.  I rarely go out on my own, as I suffer badly from anxiety, especially having to interract with people I don’t know.  As my exhibition has been up for more than a week, I decided I really needed to get some photos for my website.  Ha! Who’d have thought something so simple could be quite so eventful?

I’d just finished taking the photos when security approached me. ‘You can’t take photos in here.’

Seemed fair enough, should somebody want to plagiarize my work, although with my work all over the internet a pretty feeble attempt at preventing such an unpreventable crime! ‘Well,’ I explained, ‘I’m the artist, they’re my paintings.’ quite proudly.

He walked towards reception and explained to the receptionist ‘They’re her paintings!.. Over came the receptionist to explain ‘You can’t take photos in here.’  

‘But they’re my paintings.  I always take photos of exhibitions, to put on my website etc.  Every artist does.  Do I need to delete all my photos?’ Bemused!

Over walked the supervisor, Gestapo.  Up until now, it had been quite a polite exchange but this lady felt it was her duty to intimidate me.  ‘You can’t take photos in here’

‘So I’ve been told, but I’ve taken them, are you suggesting I delete them?’

Her demeanor indicated that she did.  WTF!  ‘You need permission from the landlord.’  

‘But I didn’t when I exhibited at Colchester Hospital Gallery’

‘They are a different trust, this one is very strict’

‘What, like Russia during the cold war,’ I thought to myself.  ‘Who is the landlord?’ I enquired.

‘If you come over to reception, I will give you the necessary paperwork.’

My last and final statement was laughably ‘I’m with mental health as it is, I can’t be doing with this!’  With that I walked out, photos intact.  Camera under my arm, feeling devastated, after being surrounded by three people, one a uniformed security officer, all for photographing my own paintings.

I sat in the car park and cried and also took a diazepam (tranquillizer, valium).  After getting myself together I drove home thinking and swearing to myself, ‘I’ll never leave my house again. Why are some people so mean. Why didn’t I tell them I’d remove my paintings, have an hysterical episode and cause a scene, at least swear very badly. Perhaps I didn’t want to be frog marched out by security but I would have felt a whole lot better anywayl.

I’m attaching the photos of the exhibition and saying politely to Supervisor (jobsworth) ‘f*** you.’  I hope she does see this. 😀ImageImageImageImage

In a Muddle again!

As usual I’m getting confused.  I blame the medication but in truth I think it’s my personality, I’m just in denial about it.  I’m struggling to find my way around WordPress.  I’m hoping I’ll get there soon but I’m tearing my hair out in the meantime.  Surely it can’t be that difficult, doh!  For someone who studied on a BSc for computer aided visualisation I sure do have a difficult time on computers.  At least I know my way around Photoshop but that’s little help here.  Luckily, I find my scatty personality funny, as do people around me.  I must say though, funny is not the word that comes to mind when I’m trying to read what I previously wrote on here and reply to comments that were made.  It all seems so interesting and I can’t get in.  Like a child looking in the window of a sweetie shop, where everyone is having a great time and I can’t even get through the door. Ha! I’ll shall have to paint that, it seems like a good analogy for quite a few situations in life.  

Anyway, never mind all that, I’m here about my art.  I’ve got all the equipment for encaustic painting now.  I did an abstract piece this morning that I’m quite pleased with but I need to work on the technique. I have four pieces to produce for an exhibition in the summer and an exhibition I am in next month. I am at present exhibiting until the end of this month and so I’m pretty well booked.  I want to work on marketing my work online but I’m going to find it difficult to find time.  I’ll give it a good try anyway.

If anyone can give me someImage tips on how to use WordPress effectively, I’d really appreciate it.  Do I need to build a website for instance?  I already have quite a few! 

Art Marketing

Art Marketing.