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I’ve just discovered a new website ‘Hemmingway app’.  Basically you can write or edit in there and it will guide you on the readability of your blog.  So I tried my artist’s statement and managed to get an 8 and ‘Good’.  Hoping to improve.  Anyway, here is my artist’s statement.  As always you can find more at www.larainbriggs.com.   The new painting you can win next month is pictured here, just sign up to the newsletter.

Artist Statement

Diversity in style and experimentation in media are essential to my creativity.

Despite describing myself as a painter, I work in mixed media to portray various styles and genres. I studied at Camberwell Art College Goldsmiths College, University of London and various other colleges. I have studied art therapy, psychology, fine art and computer aided visualisation. I enjoy the challenge posed by stretching my multi-disciplinary skills. I am inspired by my own psyche and investigating the unconscious through my art. I would also like to investigate consciousness and metaphysics. I have an interest in quantum mechanics and its relationship to this. I am particularly interested in psychologist Carl Jung, his writings, thoughts and philosophies. There is never enough time to study all the subjects I wish and create as well but it keeps me energised trying, and I’m never short of ideas.

Often, archetypal images have appeared in m​y work and fantasy is a style I enjoy. My work intends to tap into the psyche and resonate with the unconscious mind of the viewer. My interests change often. I remain consistent in my belief that the unconscious resonating with that of the viewer is universal. My aim is to express my emotions and to try and share my psyche with others. Recently I have been enjoying abstract art and mixed media. Previous to that I was studying colour theory. I study often and try to apply what I have learnt to new work, when appropriate. I would say I am an intuitive painter and prefer to discover my work rather than plan it. I trust in synchronicity and make the most of serendipity. I enjoy conceptual art but find it challenging. I have no rules or set routine for my work. I change it as often as possible and challenge myself. Having said that, at present I am painting a portrait in an impressionist style. I like to make sure that my drawing and technical abilities are well practiced. My aim is to create work that I feel somehow depicts the spiritual world in a visual way. My way of trying to achieve this is by approaching art from every direction that I can. It’s fulfilling and most of the time great fun, even when it’s a bit of a struggle. My art expresses all that I cannot express in any other way. If I achieved my aim then I believe it would be enlightening and uplifting for myself and others.


About larainbriggs

Larain Briggs is a Camberwell artist born in Essex in 1960. She first studied art formally under a local Kent artist, Nick Bristow, RA. This was followed by a Foundation Course at Maidstone Art College and a BA(Hons) in fine art at Camberwell College (UAL). She has also supplemented her skills by studying Computer Aided Visualisation, Art Education (PGCE at Goldsmiths), Psychology, and Art Therapy. Larain’s art was recognized on leaving Camberwell when Sweet Waters Gallery exhibited her work and represented her at various venues including the Islington Business Design Centre. While she continues to frequently exhibit in the UK, in London and East Anglia, she has exhibited in Bulgaria, Madrid, Brussels, and Milan. Her work is collected worldwide. Currently, she is exhibiting in Suffolk at The Hangman’s Gallery. Larain's work has for many years been inspired by Carl Jung and the exploration of the unconscious mind. She often works in a similar manner to the process of the Surrealists, “automatism”. Mostly she is inspired by the work of other artists and is influenced by her environment and mood. The images equivocate between figurative content and abstract form. The conceptualization can be at times ambiguous and enigmatic. Experimental use of media and found objects are employed as a means to express automatic or unconscious influences on perception and memory. She explains her process as a lifelong spiritual journey of self-discovery. View all posts by larainbriggs

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