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In a Muddle again!

As usual I’m getting confused.  I blame the medication but in truth I think it’s my personality, I’m just in denial about it.  I’m struggling to find my way around WordPress.  I’m hoping I’ll get there soon but I’m tearing my hair out in the meantime.  Surely it can’t be that difficult, doh!  For someone who studied on a BSc for computer aided visualisation I sure do have a difficult time on computers.  At least I know my way around Photoshop but that’s little help here.  Luckily, I find my scatty personality funny, as do people around me.  I must say though, funny is not the word that comes to mind when I’m trying to read what I previously wrote on here and reply to comments that were made.  It all seems so interesting and I can’t get in.  Like a child looking in the window of a sweetie shop, where everyone is having a great time and I can’t even get through the door. Ha! I’ll shall have to paint that, it seems like a good analogy for quite a few situations in life.  

Anyway, never mind all that, I’m here about my art.  I’ve got all the equipment for encaustic painting now.  I did an abstract piece this morning that I’m quite pleased with but I need to work on the technique. I have four pieces to produce for an exhibition in the summer and an exhibition I am in next month. I am at present exhibiting until the end of this month and so I’m pretty well booked.  I want to work on marketing my work online but I’m going to find it difficult to find time.  I’ll give it a good try anyway.

If anyone can give me someImage tips on how to use WordPress effectively, I’d really appreciate it.  Do I need to build a website for instance?  I already have quite a few!